Back to the start

A few weeks ago I found myself in Toronto 9 years to the day from my first visit there. I was there for work back then and this month again was there for work – different name, different hometown, different job, same hotel!

The event I was there for was at the Westin Harbour Castle and we were lucky to have perfect weather to enjoy this beautiful waterfront location. I even managed to find time for a few sunny runs along Queens Quay.


Being there with my colleagues from the US I got to play culinary tour guide and introduce them to some Canadian favourites including Nanaimo bars and Smarties. If you think Smarties in Canada are the same thing as in the states in different packaging, they’re not – trust me.


I was looking forward to recreating the meal of waffles and wine I had after I wrapped up the event I was in town for in 2008 but sadly it looks like I just missed the closing of the Cocoberry Cafe. I had to make do with a BeaverTail on the pier and a Caesar at the airport instead. C’est la vie.






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